The Disciples School of Mission (DSM) is a work of Disciples of Jesus Community (DOJ). The DOJ Community is made up of families, singles, priests, brothers and sisters moving together under the grace of the Holy Spirit, to renew the Church and evangelise the world.

The DSM serves the Catholic Church through conducting evangelisation programs and formation schools as well as short term missions in Australia and overseas.

The aims of the DSM are to:

  • Draw people to a deeper encounter with Jesus
  • Form people in the key elements of Christian discipleship
  • Ground people in the Catholic faith with a particular focus on equipping them for ministry and evangelisation
  • Deepen people in the graces and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • Raise up and empower young people as leaders in the Church through encounter, formation and mission.
  • Send people on mission in Australia, internationally and within their local area.
These aims are achieved in our outreaches, programs and schools through three distinct phases:


Being open to the invitation to a deeper encounter with Jesus and placing ourselves under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.


Forming missionary disciples through the initial training school as well as through workshops and various schools of formation.


Having the option to choose short term mission opportunities to put into practice the skills and knowledge learnt from the training school.

School of Mission 

The school of mission will take place at Mt Carmel Retreat Centre, Varroville, 1-4th April, 2024

After completing the Mission School, you have the option of choosing one (or two if your daring!) of the short term mission options below.

Alternatively, you go back into your place of mission/ministry with new skills!

Options for Short Term Mission

Port Pirie/Adelaide