Youth Ministry Training School

The Disciples School of Mission will take place at Mt Carmel Retreat Center in Varrowville 16th - 19th April. It is a prerequisite for those who desire to do a short term mission experience.

It is also an opportunity for those wanting to be formed for mission and ministry in your local setting, such as youth ministry, parish ministry or those working in a particular ministry with young people in the Church.

The three day live-in School consists of a number of key elements such as lectures and workshops. The lectures will occur in the mornings of the school and the topics may include:

  • The vision for evangelisation
  • Leadership 
  • Spiritual discipline for leaders
  • Framework for youth ministry
  • Youth Culture in the world today 
  • Getting in touch with my gifts
  • Cross cultural ministry 
  • Youth culture
  • Faith and Spirituality

The workshops will occur in the afternoon and topics may include:

  • How to preach and teach  
  • How to share your personal testimony
  • Skills needed in ministry
  • Leading praise and worship
  • Managing stress and anxiety
  • Music

Each night the evening sessions will focus on a themed topic consisting of spiritual input. There will be some free time in the late afternoon for a bit of sport and/or recreation. 

We also have Holy Mass and Eucharistic Adoration each day. All meals are supplied in the costs! The cost is $330 for a live-in and $230 to live out. 

 The program officially finishes on the 19th with a commissioning mass. Once you register you will be sent further information regarding times and other information you need to know upon arrival and departure. 

Once a person has completed the training school, they are then commissioned to go back into their place of ministry (youth group/movement/ministry etc). They can also partake in a number of volunteer DSM optional missions that are scattered throughout the year. The missions are short term ( 2-3 weeks) and are an opportunity to put into practice what they learnt from the DSM school. 


Short term mission options for 2020

After concluding the training school you will have the option of participating in short term missions throughout the year. These short term missions usually consist of two to three weeks of ministry and debrief.

The mission placements for 2020 are Townsville, Darwin and Papua New Guinea.

The purpose of these short missions is to minister in a small team of about 5-8, specifically focused on evangelisation and youth ministry, to put into practice the theory and skills you have gained throughout the training school.

 Some of the outreaches that occur on these short term mission trips may include:

  • Helping to conduct a training school within the local setting 
  • Plan and implement Life in the Spirit Seminars and/or Alpha programs 
  • Plan and implement Diocesan youth and/or young adult weekend/retreats
  • Schools Ministry
  • Street evangelisation 
  • Prison and Youth Detention Centre Visitation and program
  • Plan and implement weekends/retreats/camps
  • Visitation and one-to-one evangelisation in squatter settlements and/or the local area/village
  • Plan and implement youth rallies 
  • Visit and implement evangelisation activities in orphanages 

 You also have the option of supporting disadvantage families, children, adults or communities/parishes by gathering clothes, toys, school accessories, musical equipment, prayer resources and Aussie souvenirs etc to take and give as gifts to those who you meet and build friendship with.  THIS IS OPTIONAL!

            Townsville             28th July - 18th August 
              Darwin                  16th June - 6th July 
                PNG                  11th - 22nd July
       Your own ministry    (24/7)